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    The hardware variant of the 7SC80 integrates an SNTP server and a GPS module.
    With it the first substation hardened SNTP server with GPS receiver is available for precise time synchronization for all SIPROTEC 4/5 protective relays and all other SNTP-capable devices, e.g. SICAM T/Q80 or 3rd-party products. The few configuration settings (e.g. IP-address) will be done with DIGSI 4.
    With additional 12 binary inputs and 8 binary outputs included. The communication redundancy protocols RSTP/PRP/HSR and IEC 61850 are supported completely. With these features the SNTP Server with optical interfaces can be operated directly as part of SIPROTEC ring networks. A GPS antenna kit with antenna, mounting and 25 m cable is available separately.

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