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RTD-Box TR1200 IP (LAN)



Front View

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    The RTD-box TR1200 IP has 12 sensor inputs which
    allow measurement of up to 12 temperatures by Pt100 sensors.

    Three conductor sensors are supported. For two
    conductor operation compensation of the measured conductor resistance is possible via a corresponding setting.

    All settings on the TR1200 IP can be done through 3 keys on the front of the device or in a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

    If Ni100 or Ni120 sensors are applied, the measured values have to be adapted in the protection device. The 7SK80 supports this with its integrated RTD functionality.

    The measured-value output to the protection device is done via Ethernet network with RJ45 connectors.

    Note: The SIPROTEC 4 system interface with EN100 module does not support the temperature detection of the RTD-box TR1200 IP.

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