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RTD-Box TR800 Web (RS485/LAN)



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    The universal relay TR800 Web has 8 measuring/sensor inputs and is able to capture 8 temperatures via PT100- (Ni100 and Ni120) elements. The measuring values 1 – 6 may be transmitted to SIPROTEC 4 devices with thermo function via protocol. Two universal relays with a total of 12 measuring inputs can be connected.

    Connection is established via a serial RS485 interface. The TR800 is protocol compatible with the TR600(7XV5662-3AD10, 7XV5662-5AD10) on the serial RS485 interface, and transmits the 6 temperatures in the same format. In this mode, the TR800 can replace the TR600.

    In the case of 7SK80 motor protection, the connection may alternatively be made via the Ethernet interface, if the system interface is (pre-)assigned. The universal
    relay is operated and configured via the Ethernet interface with a Web browser. Three conductor thermo elements are supported. For the dual conductor connection the measured line resistance can be compensated for by a software setting. Furthermore, temperatures can be simulated to test the thermo function in the SIPROTEC devices.

    Alternatively to thermo sensors, 8 analog values DC 0/4 – 20 mA and DC 0 – 10 V may be measured. The output can be scaled and the designation (°C, V, A, %) can be adapted in the TR800. The transmission to the SIPROTEC – device however takes place via the RTD – protocol in temperature format. 6 of the 8 analog sensor values are available there. With 2 TR800 12 values are available. For example 5.5 mA is transferred with a temperature value of 55 in this way and may either be displayed as temperature in the SIPROTEC device or compared with a set limit via a threshold value. This allows for the processing of analog dimensions in SIPROTEC devices with thermo function or their transmission to a substation control unit (e.g. SICAM PAS). In the bay control unit 6MD66 V4.8 (available since 05/2009) all 8 measuring inputs are available.

    The TR800 has a wide-range power supply from DC 24 V – 250 V and AC 115/230 V as well as an alarm relay. Sensor failure or sensor short-circuit are alarmed and transmitted via protocol to the SIPROTEC device.

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