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Voltage Transformer Circuit-Breaker



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    The voltage transformer circuit-breaker protects the secondary side of voltage transformers used to connect protection relays with voltage-dependent starting. The switch is used for distance protection with low-impedance starting. Special auxiliary contacts reliably prevent low-impedance starting from triggering distance protection if only one error has occurred in the converter line.

    The voltage transformer circuit-breaker can also be used to safely disconnect the distance protection relay from the voltage transformer. In this case the special auxiliary contacts also prevent erratic triggering of the distance protection.

    Additional fuses are not required. A “Fuse Failure Monitor” (FFM) is also not required.

    The circuit-breakers are snap-mounted on a 35-mm mounting rail to EN 50022. Push-in lugs are available for screw-type connection of the circuit-breakers.

    The circuit-breaker for voltage transformers also incorporates 2 auxiliary contacts (normally 1 NO + 1 NC). During the closing operation, contact making via the NO contact of the control switch takes place later than via the main contacts, whereas during the opening operation the auxiliary circuits are interrupted at the same time as the main circuits, if not before. This adjustment has the effect of preventing the opening of the circuit-breaker from producing a tripping command via the under impedance starting of the distance protection relay.

    The auxiliary voltage for blocking voltage-dependent starting (under impedance) must always be routed via the NO contact 11-14.

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