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USB – RS485 Converter Cable



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    The USB converter cable with its special pin assignment allows temporary connection of up to 31 Siemens protection devices having an electrical RS 485 interface to a PC with a USB interface for direct or central control with DIGSI 4. The converter is connected directly to the PC via a standard USB connector (type A). The RS485 connector (9-pin SUB-D male) may be used for direct connection to SIPROTEC 4 devices with RS485 interface modules. To connect individual compact devices with an RS485 interface on terminals, e.g. 7SJ600, 7SD600, 7RW600, etc., the 7XV5103-2AA00 or -3AA00 adapter is required.

    Using the gender changer (female-female), which is included, the converter may also be connected to the 7XV5103 bus system, which enables communication with all the devices connected to the bus. Because the cable includes a switchable bus termination, it may be connected at either end or in the middle of the bus. The converter draws all the power it needs via the USB interface of the PC.

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