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7XV5662-0AC00 / 7XV5662-0AC01

Communication Converter for Pilot Wires


7XV5662-0AC00 / 7XV5662-0AC01

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    The communication converter copper (CC-CO) is a peripheral device linked to the protection device which enables serial data exchange between two protection relays. It uses a single pair of copper wires (pilot wire) that may be part of a telecommunications cable or of any other suitable symmetrical communications cable (no Pupin cable). At the opposite side, the data are converted by a second communication converter so that they can be read by the second protection device. The communication converters (master/slave) thus allow two protection devices to communicate synchronously and to exchange large data volumes over considerable distances. Typical applications are the protection interfaces of differential protection and distance protection of the devices 7SD5, 7SD6, 7SA52 and 7SA6, where 7XV5662-0AC00 must be used (synchronous connection with 128 kbit/s). Should asynchronous serial data of differential protection 7SD5 or of the binary signal transducer 7XV5653 be transmitted, the device 7XV5662-0AC01 must be used (asynchronous from 300 bit/s to 38.2 kbit/s).

    Interference-free connection to the protection device is achieved by means of a multi-mode fiber-optic cable, with ST connectors at the CC-CO. The maximum optical transmission distance is 1.5 km (0.93 mile). The data transfer between the protection devices is realized as a point-topoint connection that is bit-transparent. Data must be exchanged via dedicated pilot wires, not via switching points.

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