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Ethernet Serial Hub for Substations



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    By means of the serial hub and the associated configuration software it is possible to establish serial communication via an Ethernet network between a PC or notebook running DIGSI 4 and SIPROTEC protection relays. The configuration software installs virtual serial interfaces (Com ports) on the PC. Each COM port is allocated to a serial hub within the network by means of its IP address. This must be set in the serial hub. The PC is connected to the network via Ethernet interface.

    The protection relays are connected via an RS232/RS485 or FO interface to the serial hub. Connection with DIGSI is achieved via the virtual COM port on the PC and the IP address of the serial hub in the substation. The serial data is packed as user data into a secure IP protocol in the PC and transferred via the Ethernet connection to the serial hub. The requirements regarding standard compliant gap-free transmission of serial DIGSI or IEC 60870-5-103/101 telegrams (frames) via the network is complied with by the communication driver on the PC and the serial hub which monitor the serial telegram communication. The serial IEC telegrams are transferred in blocks across the Ethernet. Data communication is full duplex. Control signals of the serial interfaces are not used.

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