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Mini Star-Coupler



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    The mini star-coupler multiplies an optical signal received at an input for up to four outputs. A signal received at one of the outputs is transmitted via the input interface to a central unit or to an upstream mini star-coupler or converter. As the mini star-coupler does not transmit selectively to individual outputs, the protocols used for data transmission must operate with unique DTE addresses, so all units “hear” the central interrogation, but only the addressed unit answers to the request (e.g. IEC 60870-5-103 or DIGSI).

    Data are transmitted in transparent fullduplex mode. An RS232 interface is provided for direct serial communication with DTEs at each mini star-coupler. As long as this interface is in use, the optical input interface to the central unit is blocked. Cascading mini star-couplers replace the 7XV5300 star coupler.

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