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Serial Cable (e.g. DIGSI)



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    7XV5100-4 - PC 9-pole to protection device 9-pole (DIGSI-cable)

    The serial patch cable (DIGSI-cable) establishes the connection of the serial 9-pole PC interface with male plug (e.g. COM1) or PG interface to a protection device with 9-pole service interface. The following devices have such an interface: 7SJ531, 7SJ602 and all SIPROTEC 4 devices, e.g. 7SA522, 7SA6x, 7SJ61/62/63, 6MD6x, etc.

    Additional applications

    The following devices have the same allocation as the protection devices with 9-pole interfaces and can also be connected to a PC or notebook with this cable.
    (Mini-) Star coupler 7XV5300, 7XV5450
    Active Mini-Star coupler 7XV5550
    RS232-FO Converter 7XV5652

    7XV5100-8H - 9/25-pol. Adapter for cable 7XV5100-4

    If this 9/25-pole adapter is connected with the 9-pole male plug of the cable 7XV5100-4, protection V2/3 devices with a 25-pole service interface can also be connected to the PC or notebook with this cable.

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