Reyrolle Reydisp Manager

Configuration Software for 7SR2x Range of Reyrolle Devices


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    The operating and parameterization program Reydisp is the basic software used for the configuration of the Reyrolle range of protection relays. It provides a user-friendly tool with built in tutorial, help file and manual which reduces the requirement for additional training. This intuitive software allows the viewing and editing of settings, viewing fault information, configuring the relays language, IDMT curves and communication data points.

    When configuring Reyrolle devices with the optional IEC 61850 Ethernet communication ports the Reydisp Manager pc software should be used. This software provides the additional configuration tools to ensure an efficient 61850 engineering process.

    The Reydisp Manager can also be used with the latest releases of the 7SR210 and 7SR220 devices.

    Reydisp Evolution and Reydisp Manager are free of charge and can be downloaded directly from this site. The PC-program works with common Windows operating systems incl. Windows XP.

    Reydisp Manager is a Windows suite of software tools, providing the means for the user to fully configure the relay and can be used with the latest releases of Reyrolle 7SR2x devices.

    The Reydisp Manager provides the tool for configuring the Ethernet communicator ports on the device.