Powerful Analysis of all Protection Fault Records


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    lt is of crucial importance after a line fault that the fault is quickly and fully analyzed so that the proper measures can be immediately derived from the evaluation of the cause. As a result, the original line condition can be quickly restored and the downtime reduced to an absolute minimum. lt is possible with SIGRA 4 to display records from digital protection units and fault recorders in various views and measure them, as required, depending on the relevant task.

    In addition to the usual time-signal display of the measured variables record, it is also designed to display vector diagrams, circle diagrams, bar charts for indicating the harmonics and data
    tables. From the measured values which have been recorded in the fault records, SIGRA 4 calculates further values, such as: absent quantities in the three-wire system, impedances, outputs, symmetrical components, etc. By means of two measuring cursors, it is possible to evaluate the fault trace simply and conveniently. With SIGRA, however, you can add additional
    fault records. The signals of another fault record (e.g. from the opposite end of the line) are added to the current signal pattern by means of Drag & Drop.

    SIGRA 4 offers the possibility to display signals from various fault records in one diagram and
    fully automatically synchronize these signals to a common time base. In addition to fi nding out the details of the line fault, the localization of the fault is of special interest.

    A precise determination of the fault location will save time that can be used for the on-site inspection of the fault. This aspect is also supported by SIGRA 4 – with its "offl ine fault localization" feature.

    SIGRA 4 can be used for all fault records using the COMTRADE file format.

    The functional features and advantages of SIGRA 4 can, however, only be optimally shown on the product itself. For this reason, it is possible to test SIGRA 4 for 30 days with the trial