Numerical Circuit-Breaker Failure Protection Relay


SIPROTEC 7SV600 - Numerical Circuit-Breaker Failure Protection Relay

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    The SIPROTEC 7SV600 is a numerical relay used for circuit-breaker failure protection. A failure occurs when the circuit-breaker fails to correctly open and clear the fault after single or three-pole trip commands have been issued by the protection unit. It is then necessary to trip the relevant busbar zone (section) to ensure fault clearance.

    Generally, the monitoring of the current is sufficient as the criteria for the indication that the circuit-breaker has successfully cleared the fault ("current condition"). However, under certain fault conditions, (e.g. overvoltage) little or no current may flow making the measurement of current unreliable for indication of the circuit-breaker status ("no current condition"). The 7SV600 will operate correctly for both these conditions. The relay is suitable for use at all voltage levels and in all applications. The current transformers can either be of the closed iron core or linear type. The relay can be incorporated in conventional switchgear systems and modem substation control systems e.g. SICAM.

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