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Grid Metering

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    When talking about the Smart Grid, we tend to think about how thousands, or even millions, of Smart meters are connecting end consumers to the grid. Less discussed is how Smart meters, for decades, have been connecting power generation sources at the other end of the grid. This type of high voltage Smart metering - which tends to be over 100MVA is Grid metering.

    Grid metering is the highly accurate measurement of wholesale electricity connection points, located at the commercial boundaries between:

    • Generators and transmission companies

    • Generators and distribution companies

    • Transmission companies and distribution companies

    • Transmission companies

    The accuracy of metered data is vital. The amount of electricity generated, distributed and supplied needs to be measured exactly to ensure the integrity and security of metering data, avoid any potential problems with billing and payment and to comply with legal requirements.

    Imagine the generation of 2GW. In 365 days of continuous operation, this transmits 17,520 GWh of energy. An under- or overestimation of losses by 0.5% amounts to 87.6 GWh, or assuming an average price of 70,000 per GWh 6.132 million per year.

    We at Siemens provide Grid Metering solutions which help generation, transmission and distribution companies and utilities to manage and measure the use of energy at wholesale electricity interface points. We design, build, and implement high-accuracy accredited metering solutions at financially or business critical connections, for example, on-Shore / off-shore wind connections, HVDC connections and grid connections.
    Siemens Grid Metering solutions are designed to:

    • Interface in real-time to network control systems

    • Compensate for a wide variety of physical metering errors and system losses

    • Measure the full range of supply and quality characteristics

    • Have exceptional reliability and accuracy over the installed lifetime

    • Provide the definitive source data for all wholesale energy transactions.

    We provide turnkey and bespoke metering services for Generation, Transmission and Distribution companies either directly, via projects or through fully managed operational services.

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