Siprotec 5: Das weltweit erste Schutzgerät mit IEC 61850 Zertifizierung   (Edition 2)

Dr. Heiko Englert - Standardization Manager for Energy Automation Products explains the advantages for IEC 61850 Edition 2.

The Siprotec 5 protection devices from the Siemens Smart Grid Division are the first devices of their kind on the market worldwide to be certified under IEC 61850, Edition 2. As a result, protection solutions with unlimited interoperability between protection devices of different manufacturers are now an option in substation automation. This means that network operators and suppliers can save money by seamlessly integrating Siprotec 5 devices into their existing, proven infrastructures. And thanks to the certification under IEC 61850, Edition 2, these Siemens products have the "future built right in," for long-term investment security.

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