Shore connection system for berthed ships SIHARBOR

Make your port eco-friendly and efficient


Ships account for 90% of the world‘s commercial good transport. The combustion of marine fuels to generate electric power during lay days in port is a major contributor to local air pollution and the associated impacts on human health and the environment. With the SIHARBOR shore connection system, berthed ships can draw the needed energy from onshore and shut down their generators. They meet the strong environmental regulations that are being taken for ports worldwide in the most efficient way.

For all voltages and frequencies

SIHARBOR provides a fast, simple and flexible connection to the ship via a cable management system. It fully complies with the international standards IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005 and IEC 62613-2. The system fulfills the different power requirements of port operators, ship-owners, shipyards and power supply companies. It can be installed at any port and adapted to any berth topology and power need. It can also supply all type of vessels, such as cruise liners or container ships and ferries.
The converter system SIPLINK that is adapted for network applications can connect two or more medium-voltage AC networks with different voltages, phase angles and frequencies.
Furthermore SIHARBOR comprises a variable frequency converter SINAMICS SM120 CM as well as a medium-voltage switchgear NXPLUS C that is especially designed for shore connection systems. This switchgear offers a long service life of 10,000 cycles of operation for the functions INTERRUPTING and EARTHING that is even suitable for heavily used shore connections.

The air-insulated MV switchgear type NXAIR is also especially suitable for application on ships due to its compact design, high flexibility, and robustness.  Various ship classifications have been granted for NXAIR, and the switchgear has been successfully installed on numerous ship types.

All these perfectly matched components provide an efficient solution for ports and ships.

Planning the onshore power supply