System CD-K – 25 ... 40 A

The Busbars with the Suitable Design for Lighting Systems and Small Consumers in Shopping Malls, Logistic Warehouses and Buildings of All Kinds

System CD-K

The CD-K busbar trunking system is made of sheet steel and is therefore only slightly susceptible to electromagnetic interference.


  • Easy planning and stock keeping through system up to 40 A in one size with 2 current intensities

  • Optimum utilisation of the busbar run by emergency and mains power supply in a single system

  • Easy configuration of single-phase and three-phase current consumers by 3- and 5-pole tap-off plug with identical width

  • Operating transparency thanks to communication capable busbar trunking system for lighting control

When Attractive Design Is the Order of the Day

The CD-K system is ideally suited for the efficient power supply of lighting systems and small consumers from 25 A to 40 A. Thanks to its appealing design, it is applied wherever good looks are essential, e.g. in department stores, supermarkets or furniture stores. Thanks to its splash water protection with a high degree of protection IP55, the CD-K system is also suitable for environments such as greenhouses.

Simple Planning and Quick, Fault-Free Assembly

The CD-K system is characterised by maximum flexibility and its particular ease of mounting and disassembly in case of changed installation conditions. The plug-in quick connections are equipped to considerably facilitate installation. Since emergency and main power supply are combined in a single system, the busbar run is optimally utilised.

3- and 5-pole tap-off plugs of the same width make configuration and the use of AC and DC consumers easier. Changes or expansions to the power distribution are possible quickly and easily without downtime using tap-off plugs that are pluggable when energised.1)

Integration into Building Management Systems

The CD-K busbar trunking system can be connected to the GAMMA building management systems in order to realize energy-efficient solutions in lighting control.

1) In acc. with EN 50110-1 (VDE 0105-1); please always observe national regulations/ standards.