Sistema LDM – 800 ... 8200 A

Safe and efficient power transmission in wind turbines

Efficient - Optimize your planning time

  • Modular and with individual design
    - Among others, cable feeders and busbar elements according to the individual customer requirement

  • Well-conceived components
    - Among others, special segment connections to compensate for manufacturing tolerances at the tower

  • Compact design
    - Possibility to lay the rotor and stator sections in a housing for double-fed asynchronous generators
    - PE conductor in the housing, optional

  • Efficient support
    - From an experienced wind power team in all phases of the project

Efficient - Optimise your installation time

  • Efficient pre-installation
    - Pre-installation of the busbar elements in the lying tower segments; after erection, only connection between the tower
       segments required

  • Efficient installation
    - Easy and safe compensation of possible tolerances within the tower
    - Connection via spacious cable connection units and optional direct connection to the switchboard
    - Larger fixing distances as against cable installation, i.e. fewer fixing points, reduced use of material, and lower space

Safe - Safeguard your investment

  • Reliable technology
    Based on the long-time proven LD system in wind turbines
    - Scalable short-circuit rating up to 116 kA
    - Conductor impedances tested by the manufacturer for high planning reliability

  • Safe technology
    - Design verified in accordance with current standard IEC 61439-1/-6
    - Steel-enclosed conductor bars
    - Low fire load and halogen-free design
    - Special terminal brackets with damper elements to protect the system in case of tower movements
    - Tightening of all phases incl. the protective conductor with only one design verified single-bolt connection and a 
      standard torque wrench

Sustainable - Rely on an efficient and sustainable solution

  • Cost-efficient total service life as against cable installation
    - Reduced use of material
    - Lower space requirements
    - Hook and bolt connection for a reliable connection with low power losses
    - System design with reduced power losses for higher feed-in compensations of the operator, optionally

  • Sustainable technology
    Halogen-free system
    - Reusable and recyclable system