KIA Motors

Monterrey, Mexico


  • Fast build-up of a plant in Mexico that led to a short delivery time of about six months for the electrical distribution system, including the protection and measurement system

  • Complex project environment with different stakeholders


  • Complete Totally Integrated Power project solution

  • Ongoing communication between Siemens Mexico and the partners in the German headquarters in Erlangen as a key to coordinating the project in a complex environment

  • Planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of 91 medium-voltage switchgear type NXAIR in 10 switchgear lineups and

  • 186 low-voltage type FC, 30 conforming switchboards and 38 medium-voltage cast resin transformers, 88 x 7SJ66 protection devices and 88 x Simeas P855 in 4,16-kV and 13,5-kV switchgear


  • The Siemens Totally Integrated Power solution helps Kia to efficiently produce cars and SUVs to sell in both the domestic and the U.S. market.

  • Reliability of the system thanks to Siemens protection and measurement devices

  • Versatility of Siemens devices enables the customer to take the maximum advantage of the state of the art technology

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