Siemens Power Supply


Automotive - Bosch Rexroth AG, Bursa, Turkey

Bosch Rexroth AG is a supplier for the automotive industry having all the challenges and requirements of that market. We delivered a complete power distribution system out of one hand. With our technical expertise we were able to provide the huge benefit of an integrated and interface-optimized portfolio to Bosch Rexroth. This integration is especially designed to maximize a reliable operation time and minimize downtimes. The local production of our type-tested medium- and low-voltage switchgear helped the customer to be more cost and time efficient.

New construction of a factory for car injection systems

  • Trouble-free supply of the production with compressed air, water, and process materials, thanks to high-availability and high-capacity power networks

  • Seamless integration into the power supply system

  • Maximum productivity, thanks to an optimally balanced power supply system for production and assembly

Scope of Supply

  • 3 gas-insulated, type-tested medium voltage NXPLUS switchgear

  • 3 GEAFOL transformers with 36/0.4 kV

  • Low voltage switchgear: 40 x SIVACON 8PT,12 x ALPHA

  • Controlled compensation system for reactive load Energy management system

Construction/Real Estate - Hospital da Luz Lisbon, Portugal

The objective of Hospital da Luz (“hospital of light”) is to live up to its name by installing an innovative lightning for the building. Naturally, this newly-constructed medical complex demands the very highest operational safety and reliability. Thanks to an integrated power distribution concept using SIMOSEC air-insulated MV switchboards, LV distribution boards, small distribution boards, and the building automation system Desigo™ Insight , patients and staff stay safe and comfortable around the clock.

New construction of a hospital

  • High operational safety by integrated

  • All deliveries were arranged and harmonized by one Siemens partner

  • High comfort by the building automation system and easily adaptable building management system for conference area

Scope of supply

  • Complete delivery of power distribution system

  • Air-insulated medium-voltage switchboards type SIMOSEC for high operator safety and operational reliability

  • 4 GEAFOL transformers 1000 kVA

  • 121 low-voltage distribution boards ALPHA / SIKUS Universal

  • 115 small distribution boards ALPHA SIMBOX

  • Building automation system DESIGO INSIGHT

  • Building management system GAMMA instabus® in the conference area

Construction/Real Estate - Hotel Mövenpick Frankfurt, Germany

For this stylish new hotel building, Siemens developed a life-cycle concept covering electrical installation and building automation. This significantly reduced investment costs. The hotel took advantage of an efficient power distribution portfolio – from SIKUS 3200 low-voltage main distribution and ALPHA low-voltage distribution boards, SIMBOX small distribution boards and low-voltage circuit protection devices, down to the socket outlets and light switches in guests’ rooms. All from a single source.

New construction of a hotel

  • Life-cycle concept for electrical installation and building automation

  • Result: significant reduction of investment costs

  • Efficient solutions for power distribution down to the light switch

Scope of supply

  • Power distribution and electrical installation systems

  • SIKUS 3200 low-voltage main distribution

  • ALPHA low-voltage distribution boards

  • SIMBOX small distribution boards and low-voltage circuit protection devices

  • DELTA line switches and socket outlets

Construction/Real Estate - Event and Delivery Center BMW-Welt Munich, Germany

BMW Welt is hugely popular event hub and delivery point, welcoming over two million visitors a year. The center requires power distribution systems that ensure highest availability and building safety. By using busbars, Siemens minimized fire loads and electric fields, reducing the need for bulky fire protection cladding. Excellent supply reliability was achieved by meshing nine load center stations. NXAIR medium-voltage switchgear ensures maximum operational safety and long maintenance intervals.

New construction of an event building for BMW

  • Use of power distribution systems for the utmost of availability and building safety

  • Minimization of fire loads and electric fields due to the use of busbars:
    reducing the need for fire protection cladding and the space requirements as compared to similar cable installations

Scope of supply

  • Complete delivery of power distribution system

  • Air-insulated medium-voltage switchboards type SIMOSEC for high operator safety and operational reliability

  • 4 GEAFOL transformers 1000 kVA

  • 121 low-voltage distribution boards ALPHA / SIKUS Universal

  • 115 small distribution boards ALPHA SIMBOX

  • Building automation system DESIGO INSIGHT

  • Building management system GAMMA instabus® in the conference area

Construction/Real Estate - Neues Museum Berlin, Germany

Badly damaged during WWII, the Neues Museum has been elaborately restored using safe, state-of-the-art technology that’s invisible to visitors. Siemens provided the integrated power supply and control system. Power distribution was dimensioned using SIMARIS software – a sophisticated, subterranean 10 kV medium-voltage ring connects all of the complexes, SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking provides high flexibility at a low fire load, and the low-voltage distribution boards offer built-in circuit protection.

Reconstruction of a museum

  • Customer demand: High-quality, safe technology which is invisible for the visitors

  • Integrated system by one manufacturer with a minimum of interfaces

  • The complete power supply plus control system from a single source

  • Subterranean, complex 10 kV medium-voltage ring connecting all complexes of the museum

  • Power distribution system dimensioned using the SIMARIS design software by Siemens

Scope of supply

  • Compact, gas-insulated 8DH10 medium-voltage switchgear using SIPROTEC circuit protection

  • 2 GEAFOL cast-resin transformers, 1250 kVA, for the utmost of operational safety and a long service life

  • 18 panels of SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchgear with type-tested interfacing to busbar trunking system

  • SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system: High flexibility, compact design, halogen-free, low fire load

  • ALPHA low-voltage distribution boards with built-in circuit protection technology

Construction/Real Estate - ThyssenKrupp Quartier Essen, Germany

ThyssenKrupp Quarter, the headquarters and heart of the global Group, was designed as 12 self-contained buildings that are centrally controlled and monitored. Reliable power supply was given top priority. Using SIMARIS dimensioning software, Siemens integrated a power distribution system into building security management. ALPHA distribution boards with built-in SENTRON circuit protection, along with communication-capable SIPROTEC technology, ensure the high availability ThyssenKrupp demands.

Construction of a new building campus with twelve buildings in planning: six buildings completed during the first construction stage

  • Customer requirement that each building should be operative in a fully self-contained manner

  • Standardized solutions for all buildings

  • Central control and monitoring of all functions in the entire building campus

  • Utmost availability of power supply

  • Power distribution system dimensioned using the SIMARIS design software by Siemens

  • Electric power distribution system integrated into the higher-level building security management

Scope of supply

  • Six gas-insulated, no-maintenance 8DH10 medium-voltage switchgear, equipped with communication-capable SIPROTEC protection technology

  • GEAFOL cast-resin transformers for the utmost of operational safety and a long service life

  • 189 panels of the type-tested SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchgear with communication-capable 3WL and 3VL molded-case circuit-breakers

  • SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system of types LD, LX, LR, BD01, BD2 featuring high flexibility, compact, halogen-free design, low fire load

  • ALPHA distribution boards with built-in SENTRON circuit protection technology ensuring the high availability required by the customer

Construction/Real Estate - Bell Rock Hotel, Rust Germany

For the 37th birthday of the worldwide biggest season amusement park “Europa Park” in Rust, Germany, it was developed an impressive superior adventure hotel together with a central power supply from Siemens. A continuously monitoring for the whole hotel is guaranteed from a single control room from where the need of power consumption can be optimized. During the construction for an amount of 1000 hotel beds has Siemens solved the challenges of a high personal safety and an intelligent building system with the help of an reliable electrical system from a trusted source.

New construction of a hotel

  • High requirements for personal safety and equipment protection

  • Highly complex infrastructure with many different electrical loads

  • Solution: Reliable power supply, thanks to proven technology und excellent interaction between all components

Scope of supply

  • 8DJ20 gas-insulated switchgear (20 kV)

  • SIVACON S8 switchgear (low-voltage main distribution board)

  • Alpha distribution boards in the rooms, with Rcoperated /miniature circuit breakers, fuses, contactors

  • Delta miro switches and power outlets

  • Logo! Controller (control of blinds, etc.)

Construction/Real Estate - Headquarter in Munich, Germany

The new ADAC Headquarter was built for 2.400 employees and is one of the most modern buildings in Munich which also houses the main data center, the print shop and the organization of the spare part shipping center. With Totally Integrated Power (TIP) from Siemens the medium-and the low voltage technology are combined in a consistent, fully coordinated system. The benefit of TIP is a smooth operation with the maximum availability of electrical power distribution which is especially in the data center a necessity.

New construction of a headquarter with a five-floor building and a more then 90 meter-tall office tower

  • Expert TIP solution with optimally coordinated components from a single source

  • Complete solution with all components integrated into a central control room

  • Space-saving, secure and reliable power distribution for smooth building operation

  • Particularly energy-efficient electrical power distribution

  • Maintenance-oriented plant planning for high availability and economic feasibility

Scope of supply

  • 8BT1 air-insulated mediumvoltage switchgear

  • SIPROTEC protection system

  • 6 transformer stations with a total of 12 GEAFOL cast-resin transformers

  • 32 low-voltage main distribution boards with SIVACON S8 switchgear

  • Around 2,500 meters of the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system

  • 3WL compact circuit breaker

Construction/Real Estate - George Washington University, Washington D.C. USA

Since the foundation of the George Washington University in 1821 the university has got the status of being one of the most important educational institution in D.C. which is being enlarged and modernized continually. Due to the challenge to update the electrical installation it was issued a call in January 2012 which was won by Siemens thanks to the convincing complete solutions. In close cooperation with project partners Truland Group Inc. and Mona Electric Group Inc., Siemens Successfully configured a turnkey solution consisting of 13.8 kV switchgear, substations with 480 V plug-in units, and all other required low-voltage equipment that would meet all needs.

Upgrading and new construction of halls at a university

  • Replace obsolete electrical engineering technology )

  • Cost-effectively equip the new Science and Engineering Hall with electrical engineering technology

  • TIP expert solutions through close collaboration with electrical contractor Truland Group Inc.
    and Mona Electric Group Inc.

Scope of supply

  • Air-insulated mediumvoltage switchgear

  • Air-insulated low-voltage switchgear

Construction/Real Estate - Naturferienhaus ZeiTraum in Elzach-Yach, Germany

The “Naturferienhaus ZeiTraum“ is located in the Black Forest and got its name for the reason of being built from environmentally friendly construction materials, especially wood. To exclude the consequences of a defective clamp connection, a damaged multi-plug or a broken extension cord the solid wooden building it was installed the the innovative 5SM6 arc fault detection device from Siemens to detect et al. series arc fault thus filling a gap in existing protection systems. Adding in the Logo! Micro-control system also enabled the project partners to implement other convenience functions such as window blind and lighting controls, a range of switching scenarios while occupants are out, and also “power-free” switching.

Installation of arc fault detection and convenience functions for a holiday home

  • Prevents and protects against electrical damage, including protection against series arc faults

  • Reliable monitoring of electrical consumers – even in unrented apartments

  • High level of protection and convenience for guests

  • Prevents damage

  • An expert solution resulting from close cooperation between electrical installers and electricity wholesalers and Siemens

Scope of supply

  • 4 x 5SM6 Arc Fault Detection Device

  • 4 residual current circuit breakers with integral overcurrent protection

  • Logo! micro-control

Data Center KPN Oude Meer, The Netherlands

KPN, the leading ICT provider in the Netherlands, had two main requirements: a modular building design that can flexibly adapt to market growth, and a power distribution system that can be upgraded just as easily. Siemens installed 50 NXPLUS gas-insulated switchgear panels, 15 GEAFOL transformers, 300 SIVACON 8PV switchboards, and 15 kilometers of SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems. Because data centers consume so much power, Siemens used its grid expertise to coordinate with power grid operators.

Building of a new data center

  • Most important customer requirement: Modular building design, which can be adapted

  • Flexibly and promptly to market growth -> power distribution system must be upgradeable flexibly and promptly as well

  • Siemens grid knowledge and expertise to coordinate with power grid operators was highly estimated as data centers consume considerably high quantities of power; for this reason the power distribution system should be adapted previously

Scope of Supply

  • 50 panels of type NXPLUS gas-insulated and type-tested medium-voltage switchgear, 2500 A

  • 15 GEAFOL cast-resin transformers ranging from 1600 kVA to 2500 KVA (10 kV/400 V)

  • 300 panels of SIVACON 8PV low-voltage switchboard (ranging from 2500 A to 4000 A)

  • 15,000 m SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems:
    system LD (1100A to 4000 A),
    system BD2 (250 A),
    system LRC (2500 A to 5000 A) and
    system BD01 (160 A)

  • DESIGO INSIGHT building management system for energetic optimization

Municipalities / DSOs - Wastewater Treatment Plant Orlando, Florida – USA

Thanks to extensive upgrades at Orlando’s three advanced wastewater treatment plants, the city can process more sewage and gray water than ever before. Utility-grade power meters Access 9600 and 9330 were installed at the power intakes, switchboards, and MCCs. The brand-new power distribution system features metal-clad 15 kV medium-voltage switchgears and emergency power supply. If the controllers detect an outage, the generators come on immediately –absolutely essential in “America’s lightning capital”.

New construction of a wastewater treatment plant

  • Design of a completely new medium-voltage power distribution system including an emergency power system*

  • Power metering offers real-time consumption data

  • Increased efficiency and reliability of the plant

Complete project order also comprised new automation system

Scope of Supply

  • Redundant radial distribution system designed with a main-tie-genset-tie-main arrangement of metal clad 15 kV medium-voltage switchgear

  • 14 pairs of transformers: the dual transformer and dual main bus arrangement provides redundancy for maintenance and serviceability

  • 19 units of low-voltage motor control centers type TIASTAR and other types

  • Utility-grade power meters Access 9600 and 9330 are installed at the plant‘s power intake and at each of the facility‘s switchboards and the motor control centers

Oil & Gas - Shell / Pearl GTL, QP Shell, Qatar

The Oil&Gas industry is exposed to harsh and inhospitable environmental conditions. Therefore safe and reliable technology is required to leverage smooth operation on-site. Siemens provides innovative ways to optimize exploration, production, transportation, refining, and processing while meeting the minimum space requirements in the Oil & Gas industry with our power supply portfolio.

New construction of E-House power supply for the Oil & Gas industry

  • Reduced onshore risk through reduced manpower on-site

  • Precomissioned at factory with delivery “ready to install”

  • Installation and testing in short period

Scope of Supply

  • E-House: 3 container modules on cast in situ foundation

  • Design, engineering, purchasing, fabrication, erection, testing, and commissioning

  • Meets the health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) requirements

Renewables - SIESTORAGE the modular energy storage system for Enel, Italy

In 2012 Siemens delivered his first modular energy storage solution to Italy’s biggest utility in Italy: Enel. It is especially designed for the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. And at the same time it compensates fluctuating energy coming from the higher amount of decentralized generation being fed into the grid. Thereby it assures a stabile and high-quality supply of energy. SIESTORAGE is perfectly made for the integration of photovoltaic power plants and E-vehicle charging station.

New construction of E-House power supply for the Oil & Gas industry

  • Compensation for fluctuating generation within a few milliseconds

  • High availability, thanks to the black start capability in case of an outage

  • Completely integrated turnkey solution from Siemens

Scope of Supply

  • SIESTORAGE solution with a performance of 1 MVA and a capacity of 500 KWh

Chemicals - BASF, China

Siemens supported BASF china in a very time-critical project. The project was earlier finalized than it was planned with an approval time of only three months. The factory acceptance test was concluded in only seven months, while thereby adding a high percentage of 75 local value. In total Siemens showed its capability for an effective project management and an optimized supplier structure at its best.

New construction for the chemical industry

  • High requirements for energy efficiency and availability

  • Reduction of lifecycle costs

  • Safe operation in a mission-critical environment

Scope of Supply

  • 33kV GIS substation

  • 11 kV AIS switchgear

  • Power transformers

  • LV switchgear, UPS

  • Energy management system

  • Supervision of installation and commissioning