Siemens Power Supply

The flexible and easy-to-use converter for innovative grids


The growing distributed energy market is challenging grid operation. Distributed and renewable energy sources are playing an increasingly important role in power generation and more support is required to manage the rising complexity of grid operation. New technologies are needed to ensure energy safety and high energy availability for consumers and to achieve a balance between fossile energy generation and renewable energy generation. SINACON PCS is Siemens’ answer to these market demands.

With the SINACON PCS, it is easy to connect batteries to the grid. The high-performance converter is suitable for applications in public, industrial and island grids. This helps stabilize grids and avoids high costs for peak demand or enables new business opportunities for industry parks. The SINACON PCS is also certified according to local grid standards.

Grid stabilization with energy storage

Grid stabilization with energy storage

Frequency stabilization is a big challenge when operating a public grid. Frequency changes in the grid require a rapid response to supply active power into the grid or take power out of the grid. Different energy sources are interesting for this application to provide support for a dedicated time.


Core functionalities

  • Voltage stabilization

  • Frequency stabilization

Microgrid operation

Microgrid operation requires always a stable voltage and frequency control for the connected loads. Some microgrid applications are grid-connected and use the public grid as a power source, to create out of it a stable microgrid. Complete off-grid applications (island grids) are mostly supplied by diesel generators. Microgrid converters need a parallel operation capability with existing diesel generators. Beside of this, black-start capability is a very important feature. To improve functionality and efficiency, a combination e.g. of PV and battery storage is favorable.


Core functionalities

  • Parallel operation with diesel generators in island grids

  • Grid-connected microgrid operations