Temperature-rise Laboratory

4 testing terminals for temperature-rise tests.

The temperature-rise laboratory comprises 4 testing terminals for temperature-rise tests.

The following systems are available:

  • 1x 1.000 A

  • 2x 2.000 A

  • 1x 5.000 A

These systems can be combined, providing a total current of 10.000A. The system is equipped with an automatic control to obtain a constant test current. As there are several testing terminals available, it is possible to perform several series of temperature-rise tests, with intermediate conversion measures up to the type test.

To our customer´s benefit, design improvements can be retested within a very short period of time, thus reducing the “time-of-market” of development projects. Analog and digital measuring systems, with up to 300 measuring points per test object and a freely selectable measuring cycle, allows us to meet your requirements in a flexible way.

A powerful frequency conversion system (SIPLINK) enables temperature-rise tests with test currents up to 4000 A at 60 Hz.