Mechanical Laboratory

Inspect kinematic properties of test objects

Test of kinematic properties of test objects

In the mechanical laboratory we inspect the kinematic properties of test objects. This includes endurance tests of switching devices, test of the kinematic chain as well as function tests. For long-time tests there are automatic sequence control systems available. Special sensors allow us to measure operating travels, angles of rotation, forces, torques and pressures and to record their characteristics.

The mechanical laboratory also performs the verification of the IP coding in order to verify the protection against solid foreign objects and against access to hazardous parts.

Our engineers in the mechanical laboratory also support tests in external laboratories, e.g. to prove the objects performance in case of earthquakes.

A high-speed video system is available for optical recording of fast process. With this system we can record up to 10.000 pictures per second.

We can perform the following tests for you:

  • Endurance tests

  • Function tests

  • Test of the kinematic chain

  • Verification of the IP coding

  • Recording of fast processes with the high-speed camera system