High Voltage Laboratory

Peak, power-frequency and DC voltages of test objects

High Voltage Laboratory

In the high-voltage laboratory we can apply peak,
power-frequency and DC voltages to the test objects.

These maximum voltage ratings are available:

  • Power-frequency voltage up to 150 kV

  • Impulse voltage up to 400 kV

  • DC voltage up to 100 kV

We use a partial discharge measuring system which makes it possible to record partial discharges even during long-time tests.

Besides the load amplitude and the time-related assignment to the phase angle of the voltage, the system also shows the frequency of partial discharges in different colors.

Our high-voltage room is very well-screened by means of copper sheet, contact strips in the doors and screen grids, reaching a sensitivity of <1 pC for the partial discharge measurements. At the same time, the screening prevents disturbing pulses from emitting into the environment during impulse voltage tests.

We can perform the following tests for you:

  • Lightning impulse voltage tests

  • Switching impulse voltage tests

  • Power-frequency voltage tests

  • DC voltage tests

  • Partial discharge measurements