Gas-insulated switchgear for secondary distribution systems

Cleverly switched – Gas-insulated switchgear: Compact, maintenance-free and climate-independent

Switchgear for the secondary distribution level

For the distribution of electrical energy, Siemens offers various gas-insulated switchgear types. In compact substations or small distribution substations, such switchgear contributes to guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply through to households and small industries. In all these applications, gas-insulated switchgear technology from Siemens provides exceptional advantages in respect of climatic independence, personal safety and maintenance-free design. For the power supply companies,  this offers the high benefit of maximum supply reliability in their networks and thus, satisfied customers.

Gas-insulated switchgear 8DJH

Gas-insulated switchgear 8DJH 36

Gas-insulated switchgear 8DJH Compact

Gas-insulated switchgear NXPLUS C (single-busbar)