Vacuum Interrupters

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Vacuum Interrupters

Today about 80 percent of power network operators decide in favour of vacuum switching technology.
The market share of vacuum circuit-breakers is more than 99 % in Germany.

The core component of this switching principle is the vacuum interrupter.

As a pioneer for vacuum switching technology, Siemens contributes comprehensive know-how. Decades of experience in development and production support our position as a technological leader.

Only modern, highly automated machines and production processes are applied in our factories, with quality standards and manufacturing accuracy exceeding the demands of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by far.

In this way we obtain high-quality products with a long working life, guaranteeing a constantly high production quality which is reproducible at any time.

Siemens vacuum switching technology – an innovation that wrote history.


Vacuum Interrupters

The decisive advantage of the vacuum interrupter is that its properties remain constant throughout the entire life cycle, due to the hermetically tight vacuum interrupter which eliminates any external influences.

As a pioneer for this technology, we are committed to meeting very high demands concerning quality and reliability of supply.

High-duty contact material

Siemens is the only manufacturer of vacuum interrupters worldwide which produce the high-duty contact material in a specific arc melting technology itself.

Own metallography laboratory

We have a own metallography laboratory and are able through this to check the quality of the used materials and the high temperature brazed joints any time.

A fully automatic test equipment

For the securing of the tightness of the mechanically most highly stressed component we regularly subject the used bellows to a life test in a fully automatic test equipment.

A position monitoring of the built-in parts

The X-ray of the complete tubes permits us a position monitoring of the built-in parts as well as a visual check of the brazed joints if necessary.

The high quality of the used materials, the cleaning of the components, the used high vacuum brazing technology and the electrical conditioning are the key to permanent tight and absolutely reliable vacuum interrupters. Therefore these factors are subject to an extensive continuous improvement process at Siemens.

Technical Data

Our portfolio

Rated voltages

up to 52 kV

Short-circuit currents

up to 72 kA

Rated currents

up to 6300 A

Life-time circuit-breaker applications

up to 30.000 switching cycles

Life-time contactor applications

up to 5 million switching cycles


Vacuum Interrupters 50/60 Hz

We like to extend our existing product portfolio by a suitable solution for your application.

Switching Devices

Siemens vacuum interrupters are used in all common switching devices

Siemens vacuum interrupters are used in all common switching devices


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  • Highest reliability

  • Customer-oriented design

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...results from our competencies

40 years experience in the development and production
of vacuum interrupters

Central fundamental research and development

Central fundamental research and development

More than 3 million produced vacuum interrupters

More than 3 million produced vacuum interrupters

Production know-how for all core components

Production know-how for all core components