Medium-Voltage Outdoor Systems

Outdoor switching devices are essential components of medium-voltage distribution grids with overhead transmission lines. Siemens’ comprehensive portfolio of outdoor vacuum switching devices has been especially designed for a wide variety of climatic conditions.

Thus, type-tested reliability as well as long electrical life and mechanical robustness increase the profitability of medium-voltage grids. Outdoor switching devices offer the greatest possible benefit for every application, from the optimization of less developed network environments to the use in future-oriented smart grids.

The use of Outdoor Distribution Systems enables:

- Automatic restoration and fault isolation in meshed grids
- Higher network availability
- Reduction of operating costs
- Avoidance of penalty payments
- Quick amortization of investment

Live-Tank 3AF0

The Live-Tank 3AF0 excels with its light-weight and space saving compact design. It is used for transformer substations and distribution grids.

Live-Tank 3AF04/3AF05 for Traction Power Substations

The Live-Tank 3AD04 / 3 AF05 for AC traction power supplies is especially design for railway distribution networks and consists of three major parts: the pole assembly, the operating mechanism box, and the supporting steel structure.

Dead-Tank SDV6

The Dead-Tank SDV6 is an arc-resistant outdoor circuit-breaker, which is especially designed for the ANSI market and excels with its very compact design and small footprint. It is used in distribution networks.

Vacuum Recloser 3AD

The Vacuum Recloser 3AD combines cutting-edge technology with quality engineering expertise in relay protection schemes The recloser is used in transformer substations and for distribution overhead lines.

Portable Switch

It provides a fast, safe and cost effective way to create points of temporary isolation on the distribution network. This helps to ensure that outage times and the number of affected customers are kept to a minimum when maintenance work is carried out.

Dead-Tank SDV7 and SDV7-AR

The Dead-Tank SDV7 is an arc-resistant outdoor circuit-breaker, which is especially designed for the ANSI market. It has a very compact design and a small footprint. It is used in outdoor distribution grids.

Fusesaver 3AD8

Fusesaver, the world’s fastest medium-voltage outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, is the most cost effective solution for optimizing reliability while minimizing operating costs of rural medium-voltage distribution networks.