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General information

The DELTA® m-system is a modular product range offering highly diverse functions. Contrary to the usual round VDE/CEE flush-mounting socket outlets, the modular technology is installed in rectangular flush-mounting socket outlets. Thanks to the use of suitable module supports for DELTA product ranges, it is possible to install modules from the modular technology range in VDE/CEE flush-mounting socket outlets. Thus, both inserts belonging to VDE/CEE technology and also modules from the modular technology range can be used in the DELTA product ranges.

The new m-system product line currently consists of four modules, two for communication technology, one 230 V door buzzer and a LED light signal.


Characteristics at a glance

  • Integrated cover plates for one or two modules               

  • Flexibility thanks to the possibility of combining different functions by using two-module cover plates

  • Integration of modular products in round VDE/CEE flush-mounting socket outlets

  • Integrated cover plates available for DELTA line, DELTA miro (DELTA i-system product ranges) and DELTA profil