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Stay flexible

Anyone who chooses the versatile modularproduct range on the basis of the i-system opts for a great deal of flexibility and functionality. And they are choosing one of three DELTA switch and socket outlet product ranges with great design. The advantage is that the functions can be fitted in any of the various frames. To change to a different DELTA range on the basis of the i-system, all you need to do is replace the frame. Upgrading or conversion at a later date is possible at any time. And it is backwards compatible as far back as 1973.


i-system at a glance

  • Flexible modular product range with dimensions of 55 x 55 millimeters for the DELTA line and DELTA miro switch and socket outlet ranges

  • Operator interfaces and outlets in the following colors: titanium white, electrical white, carbon metallic and aluminum metallic

  • Set of seals for rockers and socket outlets that provide IP44 degree of protection

  • Large pool of components with functions for:
    - Communication
    - Data and voice networks
    - Shutter/blind control*
    - Time circuits
    - Room temperature control
    - Dimmer control*
    - Motion detection
    - Connection to GAMMA instabus

* Connection to controls for GAMMA instabus