Communication-Capable Busbar Trunking Systems

Future-proof solutions with communication-capable busbar trunking systems

Communication Capable Busbar Trunking Systems

LI tap-off unit with PAC


  • Integrated, efficient and future-proof solution due to integration of measuring devices in energy management solutions in accordance with ISO 50001

  • Flexible with plug-in tap-off units incl. measuring devices

  • Cost-efficient with higher transparency of the power consumption

  • Reliable due to a central control of the power distribution

Power distribution including energy management

The increase of complete power distribution solutions with energy management is one of the trends of modern building and industrial automation. To optimally satisfy the requests for power metering, transparent switching states, or the central detection of operating states and data, we offer you communication-capable components with accessories for the BD01, BD2, LD and LI systems.

Versatile functions for infrastructure, buildings and industry

The combinations of tap-off units and accessories permit to shape an efficient power supply for the infrastructure. From monitoring and measuring through switching and signalling to load measurement, the communication-capable SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems support transparency of the energy flows in your building, as well as easy implementation of energy management systems.

In industrial applications, the robust and quick installation is an advantage. Remote monitoring and remote actuation of consumers make it possible to quickly eliminate faults, for example. Furthermore, the detection of switching and operating states increases operating transparency and the availability of the system.

8PS busbar trunking systems – expandable and communication-capable