Other Measuring Devices

The measuring devices (power meters) are used to measure the amount of electrical energy supplied or drawn. Siemens compact measuring devices are designed as modular devices for alternating current and can be mounted on standard mounting rails. They comply with the meter standard EN 50470 (Part 1 and 3) and come with an LCD display.

Digital Voltmeters and Ammeters

These devices for measuring voltages and currents can be used for monitoring input and output currents or device currents in electric plants. They are suitable for direct connection in a single-phase system or for three-phase systems when used in conjunction with a measuring selector switch. The measuring ranges of the ammeter are set at the device with a coding switch.


  • The ammeters have 14 measuring ranges from 0 ... 20 A to 0 ... 999 A, which can be set using a coding switch. This ensures universal application.

E-counters instabus KNX

E-counters are used for the measurement of kWh in single- and three-phase systems, e.g. in industrial plants, offices and apartments in apartment houses. They help minimize operating costs and facilitate cost assignment.


  • The devices have accuracy class 2. This enables extremely precise energy measurements.

  • The large LCD for the reading out of all data locally makes for easy reading.

Time and Pulse Counters

Time and pulse counters are used for the reliable monitoring of production and service times, which enables the exact planning and monitoring of production sequences, maintenance cycles and warranty times. As well as the proven electromechanical time and pulse counters for mounting in distribution boards, we also supply digital time and pulse counters.

The fields of application for both counter types are very diverse, such as the recording of operating hours of machines, systems or building management systems, as well as pulse counting for general volume flow counting, registration of starting frequencies, starting cycles or production quantities in systems and machines.


  • Time and pulse counters help to plan maintenance intervals and ensure high plant availability

  • Versions without zero position and with electric or manual zero position for all applications

  • Flexible application of the digital counters for power supplies of 12 to 150 V DC and 24 to 240 V AC in a single device.

Time Counters for Front-Panel Mounting

Time and pulse counters for control cabinets, control and mechanical engineering are used, e.g. in boilers, machine tools or compressors. The pulse counters count the starting frequencies. This supports planning for preventative maintenance.

In-time and regular maintenance is the best protection against unexpected shutdowns. Time counters count the time in hours with an accuracy of two decimal places (hundredths of an hour).


  • Time and pulse counters help to plan maintenance intervals and ensure high plant availability.