Energy-efficient drive technology

The most efficient way to save money

Extensive motor portfolio

Our portfolio holds everything in store: for voltages from 230 V to 13.2 kV, for power ratings from 0.06 kW to 100 MW, and corresponding international versions with efficiency classes IE1 to IE3 according to EU Directive 640/2009 and, for the North American Market, according to EISA 2007 and NEMA Premium. The SIMOTICS GP, SD, FD, TN N-compact, H-compact, and H-compact PLUS product families stand for maximum reliability and efficiency and are known for their rugged mechanical design, long service life, low maintenance, and reliable operation. The enclosures, bearings, active parts, ventilation, and cooling system are perfectly coordinated.

Always important: In addition to standard motors, we offer high-efficiency motors that feature up to 40% less power loss.

Especially from Siemens: HT direct high-power torque motors. These gearless permanent-magnet synchronous motors are especially reliable, require little maintenance, and are extremely efficient. They are especially suitable for slow-running pumps.

SIMOGEAR geared motors – simple compatibility, all-round efficiency

Geared motors in our SIMOGEAR series have output torques up to 20,000 Nm and higher rated gear unit torques than conventional geared motors of the same size. All gear unit types are available in the power range from 0.09 kW to 200 kW – from helical through offset shaft, helical bevel and helical worm, all the way to worm geared motors. They are best suited to applications such as longitudinal and rotary scrapers, rakes, mixers, and spiral conveyers.

Frequency converters – the optimal drive for every application

Flow rates can be controlled far more precisely with variable-speed drive systems than they can using mechanical control concepts – and can be adapted to actual demand. The advantage: a significantly higher degree of reliability and quality for water supply and disposal systems. Further, variable-speed operation opens up enormous cost-saving potential of up to 50% and, in extreme cases, even up to 70% depending on the characteristic. This is the reason that a frequency converter often has a payback time of just a few months.

With SINAMICS, Siemens is offering an innovative family of drives that sets the standard in every respect in the range from 0.12 kW to 85 MW. In addition to a simple, standardized operator control philosophy, members of the SINAMICS family use the SIZER engineering tool for selecting and dimensioning, as well as STARTER for commissioning and diagnostics.

For applications in the water industry, many SINAMICS versions are equipped with functionalities specifically tailored to pump, fan, and compressor applications, such as SINAMICS G120P.

The MICROMASTER family of frequency converters addresses drive applications in the power range from 0.12 kW to 250 kW and distinguishes itself through its extremely easy handling – from installation, through commissioning, all the way to operation.

ROBICON Perfect Harmony rounds off our portfolio in the medium-voltage range. It is the undisputed No. 1 worldwide in medium-voltage frequency converters in terms of both market share and installed power. With this unit, low-voltage cells are connected in series, thus creating a medium-voltage converter that can be scaled very precisely for a wide voltage and power range. This unit is currently considered to be the most compact medium-voltage drive converter on the market.