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Water resources – infinitely precious

Supplying drinking water to the population and treating wastewater are two very important global challenges. On a daily basis, system planners, designers and operators are required to keep the global increase in water consumption under control in the face of growing water shortages and the salination of fresh water resources. As industry experts for water applications, we offer powerful, innovative technical solutions to assist you.

Efficient applications for your water plant

Whether desalinating seawater, treating drinking water and wastewater or managing water networks and water transportation – intelligent automation products and systems as well as energy-efficient drive solutions and comprehensive services provide the right solutions to help you with your daily work.





Drinking water

The desalination of seawater will grow in importance in the future. The potential is enormous, since the oceans contain approximately 97 percent of the planet's water reserves. Our technological solutions offer assistance with everything from facility planning to system monitoring and optimization.

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In many regions of the world, ground water reserves cannot meet the demands for drinking water. The purification of surface water and wastewater is therefore  increasingly important, especially in countries experiencing constant water shortages. In the industry, there is also a trend toward developing new ways to purify and reuse wasterwater, because discharging wasterwater is relatively cost-intensive. Our automation, energy and drive technology ensures reliable and highly efficient water and wastewater purification.

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Water transportation

The most important aspects of wastewater purification involve reducing energy requirements and appropriately controlling the water supply. Our technology supports and optimizes modern treatment plants as well as biological and industrial wastewater purification methods.

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Water frequently has to be transported over long distances with pipelines to ensure the supply of water to regions that suffer from particularly dry conditions. In cities, sewer networks, often covering hundreds of kilometers, must be closely monitored and controlled. Economical, energy-efficient operation is extremely important here. Furthermore, leakages in pipelines and distribution networks can cause substantial environmental damage in addition to losing large volumes of water. Efficient monitoring systems must therefore be used to minimize adverse effects and water loss.

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Saving time

safe time

Reduce the time spent planning and designing new installations. Integrated engineering with COMOS and SIMATIC PCS7, for example, can reduce the engineering time by up to 20%. The Consultant DVD includes templates and standards that make planning more efficient and reliable.

Examples of successful projects – a selection of references