Efficient turbine control

Yield optimization with the internationally leading control system

SIMATIC, the core component of Totally Integrated Automation, is a flexible, economical, and integrated turbine control solution. The SIMATIC Microbox PC allows all operating parameters to be adjusted as needed, creating a powerful basis for yield-optimized operation of your wind power plant. One highlight: For wind turbine control, we offer the ultra-compact and fail-safe WinAC RTX F software controller as a scalable embedded bundle, with hardware and software perfectly matched.

Your benefits at a glance

  • WinAC RTX F, the world’s only TÜV-certified, fail-safe software controller for safety-oriented applications

  • Faster configuration and commissioning thanks to wind power-specific software libraries

  • Investment security due to long-term availability of modules

  • Integrated, efficient system for maximum wind turbine availability

  • Processing of standard and safety-specific signals in one system

  • Faster commissioning of turbines: open C interface for easy integration of MATLAB/Simulink applications

  • Easy interfacing of additional subsystems using open communication standards

  • Interfacing of sensors and switching devices via IO-Link to save wiring costs and find faults more quickly

  • Protection against espionage: integration of high-level languages as DLLs

Wind library

Reduce engineering effort for customized application to 20%

Our software solutions offer maximum engineering efficiency for all tasks associated with wind turbine automation: SIMATIC STEP 7, our intuitive software based on IEC 61131, is used for programming and parameterization. You have access to the Wind Library, our function block library developed specifically for wind turbine automation. About 80% of the functions of a wind power plant are available as SIMATIC STEP 7 function blocks in source code form.

These include:

  • System functions

  • Pitch and hub control

  • Nacelle control

  • Tower functions

  • Status monitoring

  • Physical functions

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy integration of existing algorithms from C++, C#, Visual Basic, orSCL

  • Standardized Open Development Kit (ODK) for easy integration of C++, Visual Basic, and MATLAB programs

  • Wind Library to streamline engineering efforts: about 80% of the functions of a wind power plant are available as function blocks in source code form

  • Extensive test functions

  • Integration of MATLAB Simulink as a dynamic link library (DLL)