High-performance pitch control

Reliably measure, monitor, and control the rotor blade adjustment angle

For pitch control we offer highly efficient distributed solutions based on SIMATIC ET 200. The distributed I/O system is controlled by the central turbine controller (SIMATIC Microbox PC and WINAC RTX F) using various bus systems via slip rings. The turbine controller is in continuous contact with the peripheral sensors of the rotor blades. This allows all parameters to be adjusted individually, ensuring efficient turbine operation. You benefit from maximum yields and load reductions for your entire wind power plant – under any weather conditions.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Highly precise active adjustment of the optimal inflow angle on the rotor blades

  • Electromagnetically compatible components for safe use in the immediate vicinity of the generator – and to guard against the risk of lightning strikes

  • Sensors offering a high degree of protection – ideal for use in offshore plants