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Caution – Spy About!

Caution – Spy About!

There is a global rise in data spying. The resulting damage to the global economy runs into billions – every year. To prevent this spying, a host of official agencies, offices of state, and intelligence services are already equipped with tap-proof devices.

Tap-proof devices protect your confidential data against spying. This protection is also used in the private sector, in highly sensitive research and development areas, and by IT service providers.

SITEMP Stops Spying

SITEMP Stops Spying

The tap-proof product family of SITEMP protects your confidential data by means of electromagnetic shielding. It meets the highest security requirements in accordance with SDIP 27 Class A/B criteria or the BSI zone model, and it is approved for processing classified material by the German Federal Office for Information Technology Security (BSI). It makes unauthorized access to your data impossible, and protects your valuable information.

In addition, we are the only company in the world with a testing station authorized by the Federal Office for Information Technology Security (BSI) for unrestricted performance of approval and series measurements in accordance with the NATO standard SDIP (SECAN Doctrine and Information Publications) and the BSI zone model.

Quality – made in Germany

SITEMP products are developed, produced and approved in Germany. The production system, with ISO 9001 certification, is subject to the strictest security conditions and quality controls. Thus, all SITEMP devices are subjected to a 100% emission test following the function test and system test.

We will be happy to test your IT systems and develop tailor-made protection – precisely suited to your requirements.