Stationary Energy Storage DevicesStationary Energy Storage Devices

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture

The limitless SCADA system

For local storage devices and geographically distributed systems

Whether you want to connect one or more energy storage devices on site or monitor and control multiple geographically distributed energy storage devices from a central control room, SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture combines everything in a unique user-friendly solution. It is based on an open system architecture with integrated communication. Its application ranges from HMI at machine level through a modern SCADA solution for individual or multiple plants to a central control room.

Storage solution with growth potential

The system that grows with your needs: Thanks to its modular structure, the scalable SCADA system can be expanded quickly with additional storage systems and power generation plants as required, making it ideal for setting up systems with wide geographic distribution and with numerous battery storage devices. Thanks to the plug-and-play configuration, these battery systems can be connected together simply and conveniently.

Top technology with the highest security

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is the leader when it comes to the combination of narrow-band communication links with real-time data and historical data for comparative analyses, diagnostics, and optimized fault clearance. Drivers for DNP3 and IEC61850 are already integrated for communication with smart grids. Because this is a platform-neutral solution, you can also use different operating systems: for example, Linux at the field level in the energy storage devices and Windows in the control center.

And as far as security is concerned, a multi-stage redundancy concept, duplicated data storage, and an encrypted authentication process offer maximum protection.