Real-life examples

The industrial standard components in use

Making wind energy able to provide base load power – Freqcon GmbH, Walsrode

Pumped storage plants, compressed air reservoirs, hydrogen, thermal storage: Everything is focused on saving energy in order to achieve a secure supply. Above all for renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, the key to further success would be the ability to provide base load power.

Lower costs and shorter time to market for UniEnergy Technologies, Seattle – thanks to Totally Integrated Automation

UniEnergy Technologies (UET) is one of the leading global suppliers of energy storage solutions using wet cell batteries. At its headquarters and production facility near Seattle in the USA, the company produces and sells Uni.SystemTM, a highly scalable next-generation energy storage solution for energy suppliers, commercial and industrial users, microgrids, and other applications. Its batteries are housed in standard 20-foot shipping containers.

Dynamic, high-efficiency power storage – Earl Energy, Virginia

With global headquarters in Virginia/US, Earl Energy designs and manufactures rugged and reliable, high efficiency distributed power generation systems for off-grid applications worldwide. Flexible, high-performance SINAMICS S120 Drive System integrates with energy dense lithium ion batteries to improve fuel efficiency by up to 75 percent.

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