Stationary Energy Storage DevicesStationary Energy Storage Devices

Intelligent power electronics

Constant voltage and frequency

Converter components for interconnected and stand-alone networks

Siemens provides converter components that make your energy storage devices even more economical due to their high efficiency, their network quality, and their reliability. They can be used for feeding current into the grid from the energy storage device with low loss, for taking up power from the grid into the storage device, and for immediate intervention in the event of a supply failure. You can tailor the basic performance features to the particular requirements of your storage devices.

Even for applications in stand-alone networks for distributed power supply where there is no interconnected network available, or where there is only limited availability, you’re on the safe side with components from Siemens.

Converter components for renewable energies

With SINAMICS S120 converter components, you are ideally positioned for facing the special challenges involved in integrating storage devices and fluctuating renewable energy sources into the grid. This product family is designed for built-in solutions. As such, it cuts the time to market for your own series-produced solution for renewable energy applications in the form of complete, prewired converter systems for stationary energy storage devices. As core components for prewired converters, the SINAMICS S120 Active Line Modules and Active Interface Modules are available in various power stages depending on the application: 16 kW, 36 kW, 55 kW, 80 kW, 120 kW, 225 kW, and 300 kW.

SINAMICS DC power converter

The SINAMICS DCP is a scalable-power, bidirectional DC/DC converter with step-up/step-down function at the input and output. It combines a comprehensive knowledge of DC technology with the advantages of the SINAMICS family.