Stationary Energy Storage DevicesStationary Energy Storage Devices

The right technology for a stable and reliable power supply


Multiple challenges for the modern power supply

For municipalities, agriculture, commercial and industrial companies alike, a reliable and continuous power supply is essential for all processes, from production through data processing to communications. At the same time, it is important to use energy as efficiently and economically as possible. As the types of energy sources increase, the power supply is facing new challenges. Among other things, the changeover from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy for a sustainable power supply means that an increasing number of distributed power generators for solar and wind energy or hydropower need to be integrated into the grid. Energy storage devices play a key role in the conversion of these energy systems.

Energy storage devices perform a wide variety of different functions at distributed and central levels, for example:

  • Permanently integrating renewable energies

  • Backup for higher network stability

  • Covering load and production peaks

  • Implementing stand-alone networks for greater autonomy

  • Protection in the event of blackouts

  • Relieving the load on supply systems

  • Optimizing consumption profiles

The ideal solution with the right technology

Your stationary energy storage devices provide the most innovative answer to these challenges. The Siemens standard product range for automation technology and power electronics offers you highly reliable components that you can use to control and monitor your stationary energy storage devices as well. Thanks to SCADA technology, you can also use them in systems that are geographically widely distributed. All components are ideally matched to each other and have already proven their value a thousand times over in highly challenging industrial environments. In addition, as part of the standard range they are always in stock. This is ideal for fast procurement of spare parts because they can be delivered immediately. The Siemens global network also provides a reliable spare parts and repair service worldwide.

Siemens solutions provide ideal benefits for your energy storage devices, such as:

  • Shorter time to market with lower expenditure

  • Efficient and ergonomic engineering

  • Simple installation

  • Reliable operation even in harsh environments

  • Comprehensive support from Siemens