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Solutions with loadable function blocks

Software-based solutions are ideally suited to simple positioning and control tasks and represent a flexible and low-cost alternative to solving technology tasks with hardware. The function blocks can be implemented universally on the SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, ET 200S and WinAC hardware platforms. One runtime license is required per CPU. Engineering is carried out using STEP 7.

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Solutions with SIMATIC S7 integrated functions and technology controllers

Integrated technology functions are ideal for applications in compact machines with a small number of axes, counter channels and control channels. The technology functions are an integral component of the operating system of the CPU or of STEP 7 and utilize the inputs/outputs that are directly integrated on the CPU or standard I/O.
Technology controllers are implemented for technology functions and are a low-cost solution for up to 32 axes. The integrated motion controller provides additional computing power with which comprehensive motion control tasks can be solved with high performance.

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SIMATIC S7 Integrated functions and Technology Controllers

Solutions with SIMATIC S7 Function Modules

Function modules are always used when more stringent requirements on accuracy and dynamic response exist.
They are intelligent modules of SIMATIC S7 controller systems which execute the technological tasks autonomously and therefore off-load the CPU.

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Basic Controller SIMATIC S7-1200 Communication Modules

Advanced Controller SIMATIC S7-1500 Communication and Function Modules

SIMATIC S7-300/400 Communication and Function Modules

Solutions with SIMATIC ET 200 -Technology Modules

ET 200 function modules are intelligent modules of the discretely modular ET 200SP or ET 200MP distributed I/O system. They perform technological counting, measuring and positioning tasks to a largely autonomous degree. Parameters are assigned to the modules with STEP 7. There is no need for an additional parameterization tool.

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SIMATIC ET 200SP Function modules

SIMATIC ET 200MP / S7-1500 Function modules

Solutions with Control systems and Application Modules

Application modules expand the flexibility of the CPU with additional computing power and therefore offer maximum performance for open-loop control, closed-loop control and calculation in the SIMATIC.The SIMATIC TDC control system also solves complex drive, control and communications tasks with maximum quantity structures and minimum cycle times

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Control systems

High-Speed-Boolean Processor