Online Software Delivery – the up-to-date option

You can benefit from the opportunities of the Internet for automation software too, with fast software downloads.


Why wait if it’s faster?

Just download your new software, together with the license keys, from the Online Software Delivery (OSD) platform – no matter where or when. That gives you faster access to software packages and Service Packs.

Online Software Delivery

  • Up-to-date, available anytime
    You get all released materials for SIMATIC software at the touch of a key

  • Fast
    You can launch the software as soon as you get it

  • As reliable as ever
    As reliable as shipping software via conventional mail – but a lot faster

  • Environmentally friendly
    No environmental pollution from materials or the shipping process


Here’s how Online Software Delivery works

Order the software to be downloaded, along with the Software Update Service and the associated license keys, by way of the Industry Mall. Choose the download version you want for your product by way of the item number there. After that, you’ll get an e-mail with your access information so you can download the license and your software.

OSD products inside Industry Mall

Please note that products in the Industry Mall that are available for download are identified like this:


⊙↓ This product is downloadable only.

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