SIMATIC High Availability Systems

SIMATIC High Availability Systems

Advantages and main applications are avoidance of downtimes, avoidance of high restart costs, protection of plant, work pieces and materials as well as safeguarding of operations. Redundant and Failure tolerant architecture is the insurance against downtimes and it delivers the max production capacity.

The flexible insurance against downtimes

Regardless of the industry, cost pressure and the demand for maximum productivity are ratcheting up automation levels in production plants. This means that economic effectiveness depends directly on the availability of the systems, that is, the automation components used. To retain productivity, regular maintenance and modernization work needs to be performed through the lifecycle of a plant/machine. For this reason alone, the ideal availability of 100% cannot be attained in practice.

However, with SIMATIC S7-400H, Siemens offers a highly available controller which minimizes the probability of production failures – and thus decisively contributes to maximum productivity.

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