SIMATIC - The Product family for Automation by Siemens

The faster, more cost-effective route to an optimum solution


Users know that they will always get the highest possible integration with SIMATIC – the core of Totally Integrated Automation.
Plus, the systems’ scalability allows users to customize solutions to their own unique requirements very quickly and cost efficiently, and provides genuine forward compatibility for maximum investment protection.

60 years of SIMATIC

SIMATIC Controllers

SIMATIC Software


SIMATIC controllers from Siemens – The intelligent choice for your automation task
Always the right Controller: for plant or machine building, for production or process technology, for stand-alone or highly complex applications. Siemens offers the perfect control solution for every application - PLC or PC-based. The range of SIMATIC Controllers starts from logic modules to Basic, Advanced and Distributed Controllers all the way to Software Controllers

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Sophisticated and well-engineered software
From field level to company management level, our extensive range of automation software in the SIMATIC software suite provides sophisticated solutions that have been designed with precise attention given to every detail. The tailored functions and options of our industrial software ensure that you achieve maximum efficiency in the broad scope of operations and tasks.

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Human Machine Interface: SIMATIC HMI - Efficient to a new level
As your single-source provider, Siemens’ human machine interface technology SIMATIC HMI is engineered to meet the increasingly complex processes of your machines and systems. SIMATIC HMI is optimized to meet your specific human machine interface needs using open and standardized interfaces in hardware and software, which allow efficient integration into your automation systems.

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SIMATIC ET 200 - Made-to-measure distributed automation systems 
Do your distributed I/O need to be as individual as your requirements?
SIMATIC ET 200 systems are multifunctional, modular and precisely scalable systems for distributed automation. Our distributed I/O systems are ideal in control cabinets, at the machine, and in hazardous explosive areas.
All products within the range can be integrated into your existing automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET

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Industrial Communication: More Efficiency Based on Proven Standards
Industrial communication with products and systems from Siemens ensure greater company-wide efficiency. Our best-in-class components like SIMATIC NET are based on proven standards, which allow you to implement powerful, integrated data networks that are "future-proof".  From simple sensor connecting to plantwide quality and productions data acquisition and transmission - our comprehensive industrial communications solutions allow efficient integration of all company areas into one coherent system.

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Industrial PC from SIMATIC - excellence in industry
For two decades, Siemens has been setting the world standard for robust, innovative, durable industrial computers. Our devotion to engineering excellence is evident throughout our Industrial PC portfolio with features such as latest Intel processor technologies, preinstalled and activated Windows operating system and advanced communications interfaces – for unparalleled performance and reliability.

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SIMATIC Technology

SIMATIC High Availability Systems


SIMATIC Technology - The perfect basis for all technological tasks
To stay one decisive step ahead of the competition, you need an efficient, integrated and future-oriented automation solution for the technology tasks on your machine or plant. And that is precisely what we are offering you  as your reliable and experienced partner: with SIMATIC Technology

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The flexible insurance against downtimes
Regardless of the industry, cost pressure and the demand for maximum productivity are ratcheting up automation levels in production plants. This means that economic effectiveness depends directly on the availability of the systems, that is, the automation components used. To retain productivity, regular maintenance and modernization work needs to be performed through the lifecycle of a plant/machine

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SIMATIC Field PG: The benchmark in compactness, robustness and performance
Mobile engineering in the industrial environment.
The Field PG  is perfect for harsh industrial applications because of its rugged yet attractive industrial design. Powerful processors and high-speed RAM provide this rugged laptop with high performance among the most demanding applications. You also benefit from wireless technology, a brilliant display, and other carefully designed features.

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The distributed control system for integrated automation
Much more than a traditional distributed control system (DCS): SIMATIC PCS 7 combines a unique scalable architecture with powerful engineering tools and a wide variety of additional functions such as alarm management, process safety and asset management, all of which can be integrated seamlessly into your existing environment. SIMATIC PCS 7 has everything you need to completely and safely automate your entire production process, from goods receipt to goods issue, in both manufacturing and process plants.

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Greater efficiency, profitability, productivity
MES is crucial to guaranteeing overall component integration, ensuring maximum quality and production efficiency across all global facilities. Siemens was one of the first to understand the challenges facing manufacturing industries, offering SIMATIC IT as a solution.
The Manufacturing Execution System, SIMATIC IT, is a sophisticated, highly scalable MES that delivers multiple capabilities and allows you to combine production efficiency with quality and visibility, as well as decreased time to production, ultimately resulting in higher manufacturing responsiveness.

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Automatic Identification Technology
As the world's leading provider of identification systems - with more than 30 years of proven technology and industry expertise - we offer you a comprehensive, single-source range of RFID and code reading systems. As your identification systems partner, we will integrate our systems quickly and easily into your automation and IT environment and provide technology-independent application advice

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