Project planning with DT-Configurator

DT-Configurator Product Spectrum:

Low voltage motors (energy-saving motors, EEx e- and EEx de-motors) with appropriate documentation and dimension drawings, low voltage inverter of MICROMASTER 4 and SINAMICS G120 and G110 series, and much more.

For motor selection

  • 3D-Data available on CD and Intranet

  • Synchronous speed as an additional selection criterion

  • Voltage order code L1Y available (non standard winding)

  • Easy Document export function (Export of dimension drawings, wiring diagram and operating instructions e.g.)

  • Possibility to take over comments on the data sheet and dimension drawing

  • New Datasheet Design for Motors

For inverters selection

  • New possibility of configuration by application choice (Product selection from the assumption of application)

  • New selection criterion for inverters

  • Enlargement of inverters accessories and options

  • Selectorrestrictions for valid voltage(Voltage limited to <690V )

  • NEW Datasheet Design for Inverters

  • Easy Document export function (now available: Parameter List )

DT-Configurator feature:

Integrated application in CA 01 catalog for Siemens Standard Drives selection (DT-Configurator).