Tie your patients into your processes actively

Tie your patients actively into your processes

To tie the patient into the everyday hospital process as far as possible offers great synergies.
On the one hand, current information and offers increase the patient satisfaction, on the other hand, doctors and nursing staff are relieved. For example, the patient can select his menu order at the screen any time and his personal education information is conveyed multimedially at the Cockpit.

Further sensible applications through the dynamic information portal are used by hospitals for the distribution of the general hospital services, for patient surveys, for the information about the responsible nursing shift staff, for programs with cognitive games and for advertisement. The Siemens multimedia terminal offers the platform for applications which support the patient process in the hospital.

The new patient information portal and menu ordering application

In the patient information portal the patient receives personal information, e.g. service offerings of the hospital, personal appointment plans for treatments/medical examinations and a lot more.

The comfortable ordering of the menu out of the patient's bed is not only a great thing for the patient, but also for the hospital which saves costs.

Patient education and cognitive games for the rehabilitation at the multimedia terminal

The doctors experience a relieve of the monotonous patient education routine by clear mediation of information.

Faster thinking, less forgetting, better concentration. A range of cognitive games help patients to use their time sensibly.