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Certification of Field Devices

ComDeC supports you in the certification of your field

Reasons for the certification

Field devices are networked via fieldbusses such as PROFINET in machines and systems. Using certified field devices guarantees interoperability of components from various manufacturers and contributes to a higher system availability as well as time and cost savings for the operator.

To ensure interoperability of PROFINET devices currently available on the market within an automation system, they have to pass the mandatory certification tests. The functionality of a field device is proven by a certification test from ComDeC as accredited test lab and by a corresponding certificate issued by the PROFIBUS User Organization (PI). 

Device requirements

The most important requirements from the point of view of plant operators are:

  • Device replacement without a programming device

  • User-friendly plant topology

  • Comprehensive diagnostics concept

  • Isochronous and redundant data transmission

  • Functional safety

These listed functions are standardized in the PROFINET standard. It is only a matter of implementing these topics into the field devices and proving conformity to the standard so that they can be used in any automation system with PROFINET.

As one of the ten test labs established by the PI world-wide, we offer certification of your devices for compatibility with the standards IEC 61158 and IEC 61784. For PROFINET, certification of all field devices carrying the PROFINET name is mandatory.


Certification tests for example of PROFINET 

In addition to the specific functionality defined by the specified conformance class, there are basic tests that each field device has to pass successfully, for example

  • Correct implementation of the bus interface

  • Starting characteristics, fault-free ramp-up

  • Address assignment

  • Reading and checking a GSD file

  • Testing with an IO controlle

  • IO device test with and without IO supervisor

  • Testing of the IO device with two IO controllers

  • Interoperability tests

  • Triggering diagnostics and interrupts

  • Standard errors (power off/on of the IO device and IO controller) and many more

Do you have additional questions regarding certification? We will be glad to answer them for you.

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