Static configuration of a field device is performed with defined parameters in a GSD file associated with the field device. A GSD file includes the module parameters for IO modules. These parameters are statically stored and uploaded to an IO device by the IO controller via write sequences when the system is booting. With some field devices, parameter assignment through GSD files is not possible or useful due to the amounts of data, the user guidance or the specific circumstances in an automation system. Such device or plant-specific data are referred to as dynamic parameters. They can often only be assigned during commissioning.

iPar-Server Highlights

When you replace a field device with dynamic parameters, it is preferable to automatically reload these parameters into the new field device on voltage recovery. By using the iPar-Server to save and automatically upload these so-called dynamic devices parameters, the field device manufacturer avoids additional or software logistics costs.

Advantages for manufacturers

The device manufacturers does not have to archive and upload system-specific parameters. This takes place automatically.