PROFIsafe Field Device Development

PROFIsafe is a globally leading, integrated technology (IEC 61508 compliant) for fail-safe communication in production and process automation. It is a vendor-independent, open standard developed by a global network of experts within the framework of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI). PROFIsafe has been established as an international standard (IEC 61784-3-3) for years and has the greatest range of products and services for safety applications.

PROFIsafe Highlights

  • Devices can use PROFIsafe to communicate with safety controllers PROFIBUS or PROFINET so that they can be used in safety-related automation tasks to PL e according to ISO 13849-1 or SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level) to IEC 61508.

  • Standard and safety-related communication can be transmitted on the same bus cable with PROFIBUS or PROFINET with PROFIsafe profile.

  • High flexibility when installing or expanding existing installations (retrofit).

  • The PROFIsafe protocol works according to the "Black Channel" principle and is independent of the respective transmission channel (can use copper cable, fiber optics, backplane bus or wireless).

  • PROFIsafe uses proven procedures, such as testing and certification, or the guidelines for installation and thus ensures a high level of availability. Certified PROFIsafe devices therefore simplify the safety-related inspection of equipment

Advantages for manufacturers

  • PROFIsafe represents an integrated, open solution for safety-related applications for PROFIBUS and PROFINET that meets the familiar user scenarios.

  • Software certified by the German Technical Inspectorate enables simple implementation and cost-effective reproducibility of a PROFIsafe solution.

  • PROFIsafe communication fits in a wide range of different architectures of programmable F controllers.

  • PROFIsafe enables new, innovative device functions, such as fail-safe communication using IWLAN.

  • ComDeC offers comprehensive services regarding development and certification of PROFIsafe field devices.

Developer tools

  • PROFIsafe driver software (as core component of the development kit)

  • GSD tools (e.g. GSD editor and CRC calculation tool)

  • Universal Parameter Server software and instructions (FB24)

  • Tool calling interface - example and instructions

  • Slow-motion monitor (for PROFIBUS: PG-PC and CP5613, for PROFINET: PG-CP1616)