PROFIenergy Field Device Development

PROFINET-based data interface for switching off consumers centrally and with full coordination during idle times regardless of the manufacturer or device type.

PROFIenergy Highlights

  • PROFIenergy is based on the PROFINET international communication standard and transfers open and standardized commands. This means individual field devices from various manufacturers or even entire sub-areas of a production can participate in energy management.

  • With PROFIenergy, switching functions required for a shutdowns due to work breaks are migrated directly into the field devices and can be addressed by a higher-level controller through a uniform protocol. This saves wiring overhead and also lets operators put consumers that are not required into optimized energy saving modes even for brief work breaks.

  • PROFIenergy also coordinates complex dependencies while the reliability of the plant is always guaranteed. This dynamic energy management is guaranteed by field devices with integrated PROFIenergy functionality.

  • The remaining production is not affected. Other automation components, for example, those for safety-relevant tasks, remain in operation.

Advantages for manufacturers

Manufacturers of field devices increase their competitive advantage with the integration of PROFIenergy, because they can offer their customers better environmental performance and cost savings.

  • The PROFIenergy behavior can be individually adapted by the manufacturer to match the specific properties of the field device. For example, the on and off times of an IO module tend to be shorter than those of a drive.

  • The PROFIenergy profile for energy management in production plants was developed with active participation of end users from PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) to make sure that they work perfectly in practical applications.