PROFIdrive field device development

The PROFIdrive profile is the application profile for drive engineering based on PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The first profile version was published in 1996. As of 2007, the PROFIdrive profile has been standardized in accordance with the international standard IEC 61800-7. As a vendor-independent drive profile, PROFIdrive profile covers all industrially relevant applications: From simple closed-loop speed control of a standard drive, to drives with technology functions and positioning drives, all the way to isochronous servo applications in machine tool engineering and high-performance, position-synchronous axis grouping operated in complex motion control applications.

PROFIdrive Highlights

  • PROFIdrive supports isochronous mode and slave-to-slave communication for high-performance servo applications.

  • PROFIdrive also defines drive-based safety technology for the drive based on PROFIsafe as a safe transmission channel.

  • PROFIdrive is available on PROFIBUS as well as PROFINET. The PROFIdrive application interface is independent of the bus system and existing applications can be migrated without changes from PROFIBUS to PROFINET.

Advantages for manufacturers

  • PROFIdrive is a vendor-independent interface for all types of drives based on PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

  • Support for device development by the PROFIdrive Competence Center and test labs of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI).

  • Comprehensive certification and tools for support during development are available for PROFIdrive devices.

Developer tools

The following tools are available during development of your PROFIdrive field device:

  • PROFIBUS PROFIdrive Profile Tester for preliminary certification or testing during development for PROFIBUS drives.

  • PROFINET PROFIdrive Profile Tester for preliminary certification or testing during development for PROFINET drives.

  • The PROFIdrive Profile Tester is PC-based and works completely automatic based on supplied test scripts. This means you can test drives of PROFIdrive application classes 1, 3 and 4.